The Globe/Herald James Taylor Coverup

Sickly Sweet Baby James sang both the national anthem and “America the Beautiful” for Game 2 of the World Series Thursday night, as both local dailies kind of reported.

Boston Herald Inside Track:

Growing pains for Sweet Baby James Taylor

Five-time Grammy Award winner James Taylor is doing his part for a Red Sox World Series victory … and he’s getting some heat for it on the homefront!ADP_7076.JPG

“Well, you know it takes a long time for me to grow a beard, and this one is a couple of weeks old, and it’s not really a beard, I just look like an unshaven person,” Sweet Baby James told the Track. “There’s a lot of pressure on me at home to shave this thing off.”

But Taylor, who performed the national anthem and “God Bless America” at Fenway for Game 2 last night, said he’s committed to taking one for the team.


Boston Globe Names column:

Singer James Taylor, who’s been hard at work at his home in the Berkshires on a new album, took the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston to sing the national anthem (and, with wife Kim and son Henry, “America the Beautiful” during the seventh-inning stretch).


But here’s what just about everyone else reported (representative sample via The Hollywood Gossip):

James Taylor Sings Wrong Patriotic Song to Kick Off World Series

James Taylor sang the Star Spangled Banner prior to Game 2 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals last night.

Eventually, that is.

But the veteran artist initially thought he was on hand to belt out a version of “America the Beautiful,” getting a couple of words into that ode to this great nation before course-correcting and serenading fans at Fenway Park with the national anthem.


The hardreading staff will let you know if today’s local dailies admit the omission.

And whether “God Bless America” is the same as “America the Beautiful.”

Oh, wait – it’s not.

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