Hark! The Herald! (Listen Up! Edition)

From our Walt Whitman desk (Lost in Cyberspace bureau)

It’s no news that the Boston Herald devotes the better part of a news page every day to flacking Boston Herald Radio.

Representative sample from [Monday’s] edition:


Picture 1


Every now and then, though, the Herald surrenders the entire page to self-promotion.

Representative sample from [Tuesday’s] edition:


Picture 2


Boston Herald Radio executive producer Tom Shattuck related his past experience of producing lousy election-night coverage for a real radio station (presumably WTKK) and promises real election-night coverage for his virtual station.

Beginning at 6 p.m. tonight, Boston Herald Radio will air the most comprehensive coverage of the mayoral election available anywhere.

The Herald’s political team of Joe Battenfeld and Hillary Chabot are real reporters and they will serve as in-studio anchors for the evening. Not only do they live and breathe local politics, but they love what they do and they know the subject matter like no one else.

And speaking of resources …


And etc.

The hardlistening staff will try to check it out. Not sure how much company we’ll have.

UPDATE: We forgot to listen. Pretty sure we had a lot of company there.

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