Hark! The Herald! (Page One Blog Edition)

From our Walt Whitman desk

So what pops up on page two of today’s Boston Herald but . . . Page One.


Picture 5


The inaugural edition:

December 5, 2013: Welcome to the Page One Blog

Welcome, everyone, to the Page One Blog, where we’re going to provide some information and details on each day’s Boston Herald cover.bh-2013-12-05-E-A001

As Page One Editor, it is my goal — working in conjunction with Editor in Chief Joe Sciacca and Managing Editor/Creative Gustavo Leon — to produce an impactful, interesting and engaging cover page. The emphasis on Page One is solely only-in-the-Herald content, be it stories broken by our reporters, exclusive interviews, the passionate opinions of our news, political and sports columnists, or simply a compelling staff photograph. Obviously, there’s excellent material to work with!


If they do say so themselves.

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