Ask John Henry: Seriously? Boston Globe Publisher?

UnknownThe John Henry Era at the Boston Globe is off to a, well, Henryesque start (see also John Henry Red Sox and John Henry Liverpool).

Yesterday’s press release from the stately local broadsheet:


Boston (Jan. 30, 2014) – John Henry Jr., owner of The Boston Globe, will assume the additional title of publisher and Mike Sheehan, the former Hill Holliday chief executive who has been consulting at the Globe, will become Chief Executive Officer, it was announced today. Sheehan will oversee all day-to-day business operations at the Globe while Henry concentrates on strategy

In October 2013, Henry purchased The Boston Globe and its websites, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and its website, and Globe Direct, a direct mail operation. With the purchase, he became the third owner in the 141-year history of the Globe. Today, he becomes the ninth publisher.

“My main role as publisher is to ensure that the Globe has the right management and that management has the resources to accomplish its mission,” Henry said.



Then there’s this:

Sheehan, 53, joined the Globe earlier this month as a consultant to help improve advertising sales. As CEO, he will oversee the business side of The Boston Globe.


So, to recap:

The Globe’s owner is the paper’s publisher and an adman is its CEO.

Not good news for Globe readers.

Not good at all.


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