Boston Globe – Finally! – Passes Judgment on Inexcusably Inept DCF

For weeks now the Boston Herald has been on the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families like Brown on Williamson.

Representative sample:




And for roughly the same time, the hardreading  staff has wondered why the Boston Globe has been AWOL on the state agency debacle.

Finally, Globe columnist Kevin Cullen weighed in yesterday.

Olga Roche should fall on her sword

If Olga Roche were British, she would have resigned long ago.

But she’s not, and so she’s still here, with the word embattled forever attached, like a tattoo, to her and the agency she allegedly maeda_24hearing_met8leads, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

I have never met Olga Roche, and for all I know she is a very nice person. I know people who think as much.

But she is presiding over a deeply troubled agency, charged with protecting the most vulnerable citizens of the Commonwealth, and her staying in her position, in the wake of such scandal, is the height of arrogance.

It is also, for Massachusetts, typical.



This may be the one and only time Kevin Cullen agrees with the feisty local tabloid.

Alert the media.


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