Globe Still Won’t Chew Over Fenway Food Expansion

The Boston Red Sox are engaged in yet another Fenway land grab, as the Boston Herald noted on Saturday.

Fenway franks to go?

Sox seek OK to sell food during non-ballpark hours

It appears Red Sox Nation can’t get enough of Fenway franks.

The team is seeking city approval for a takeout concession on Lansdowne Street, near Gate C, that would be open during non-ballpark hours.040912fenwaynl19

“It would be located within the ballpark in a space next to the WEEI broadcast booth,” Red Sox spokeswoman Zineb Curran said. “It’s a new, small concession stand that would have its own entry door off of Lansdowne Street” . . .

The team’s takeout concept is the latest in a string of non-baseball game money-makers designed to make the most of America’s oldest ballpark, which Red Sox owner John Henry this week said has a shelf life of another 30 years.


The Boston Globe, as the hardreading staff has noted, did not cover this story on Saturday. Or Sunday. Or today.

The stately local broadsheet did, however, report on that 30-year shelf life of Fenway Park.

John Henry says Fenway Park has 30 more years of life




FORT MYERS, Fla. — There is an expiration date on Fenway Park, Red Sox principal owner John Henry said on Wednesday. But it won’t come due for another 30 years or so.

The oldest ballpark in the majors is structurally sound and the only improvements left to make would be to renovate the press box and other areas in the upper section behind home plate.

“You won’t see major changes. Those, I think, have been explored, thought about and accomplished,” Henry said. “Structurally there is an expiration date. Someone at some point in decades ahead will have to address the possibility of a new ballpark.”


Yes, and someone should have addressed Henry’s ownership of the Boston Globe in that sunny-side-up piece last week.

But no one did.

That’s two strikes in one week. Not exactly encouraging.

3 Responses to Globe Still Won’t Chew Over Fenway Food Expansion

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    A good topic for Beat the Press?

  2. jackcoleman says:

    Real story here is that Red Sox actually need ZBA approval to sell takeout when the team isn’t in town. Wow.

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