Boston Herald BRAgs About Overhaul Scoop

On Friday Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced a long-overdue overhaul of the Jurassic Boston Redevelopment Authority, which Saturday’s edition of the feisty local tabloid reported with a big shootout to itself.

BRA housecleaning gets rave reviews

Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s surprise shake-up of the Boston Redevelopment Authority — a move that saw its business development arm and 14 staffers axed — was hailed by critics as the first step in a long overdue overhaul of an agency notorious for its cronyism and backroom deals.

“We are at a point with the BRA where any changes would be positive. I think things at the BRA have operated in the shadows for far too long,” said Matt Cahill, head of the Boston Finance Commission, a watchdog agency. “It appears that Mayor Walsh is trying to increase transparency and the public’s knowledge of what’s going on there.”

While the moves — first reported yesterday on boston — don’t go as far as Walsh’s campaign pledge to dismantle the BRA entirely, they are part of his overall strategy to shift economic development away from the independent authority and under the umbrella of a City Hall department that reports directly to the mayor.


Of course, considering that is the Lindsay Lohan of websites, it’s impossible to verify the paper’s “first reported yesterday” claim.

But we can verify this: The Boston Globe, which is generally not shy about crediting the Herald when it scoops the stately local broadsheet, did not cite the Herald in its Saturday piece.

You do the math.


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