Boston Dailies Split Marty Walsh Family

Over the past two days the local dailies have wishboned those closest to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

Yesterday the Boston Globe front-paged Walsh’s longtime galpal Lorrie Higgins.


Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.22.14 PM


It struck the hardreading staff as odd that the piece would identify Higgins as “the intensely private waitress and legislative aide,” especially because it later reports she has taken a temporary leave from waitressing. But why get technical about it.

Not to be outdone, today’s Boston Herald pulls rank on the Globe.

Mom dishes on Marty Walsh

Mary Walsh — the mayor’s mom — would love to see her oldest son marry his longtime girlfriend.TED_7856.jpg

“Oh, I would some day. I would love it,” she tells me when I ask her if she’d like to see her boy, Mayor Martin J. Walsh, tie the knot with his Savin Hill sweetheart, Lorrie Higgins.

“I love Lorrie and I love Lauren,” she said of Higgins and her daughter. “I love her whole family. They’re great people.”

But there’s no pressure.

“I never tell my kids what to do,” she said.


So in the end it’s all about the girlfriend. One way or another.


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