Boston Herald ALS WTF

The headscratching staff spent most of Friday trying to figure out this Boston Herald piece.

Dad: Focus on ALS cure, not dogma

Catholic leader raises concerns

The Beverly father of former BC baseball player Peter Frates — responding to a Cincinnati church leader who threw cold water on the DSC_2315.JPGfamily’s wildly successful ice bucket challenge because it funds ALS embryonic stem cell research — said he’s a good Catholic who just wants to find a cure for his son.

“I understand the Catholic dogma. I’m also conflicted with the teachings, I struggle with it, too. I just want my son cured,” John Frates told the Herald yesterday.


Religious nut graf:

But the late-summer viral sensation — that has lured former presidents, celebrities and athletes — suffered a setback this week when Jim Rigg, the superintendent of Catholic schools for the Cincinnati Archdiocese, told students to stop any plans to donate to the ALS group because it supports research using embryonic stem cells, which violates the teachings of the church.


Okay, but why then does the Herald piece include this photo of Jim Rigg?


Ice Bucket Challenge-Diocese



‘SOCIAL MEDIA MIRACLE’: Jim Rigg, at right in the top photo, superintendent of schools for the Cincinnati Archdiocese, has counseled students not to donate to the ALS Association because of the church’s stem cell stance.


Nowhere does the Herald explain why Rigg is getting a bucket of ice water dumped on him if he opposes the ALS campaign.

Turns out there’s a competing ice bucket challenge, as reported by Boston Globe kissing’ cousin yesterday.

The anti-ALS Association ‘cause’ was recently taken up by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, which encouraged area Catholic schools to tell students to donate money to the John Paul II Medical Research Institute. The Institute does not use embryonic stem cells. Cincinnati Catholic schools superintendent Jim Rigg did just that when he took part in the ice bucket challenge on Thursday:



That’s why – say it with us – it’s good to live in a two-daily town.

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  1. […] the headscractching staff noted earlier, the Boston Herald only got half the story when it zealously reported yesterday about the boycott […]

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