Who Is Nick Varano?

In the wake of Boston-Mayor-for-Life Tom Menino’s death, there will be . . . ads.

Lots of them.

(Check today’s editions of the local dailies for further details. The hardreading staff certainly will.)

First out of the blocks, though, is one Nick Varano, who ran this full-page ad in yesterday’s Boston Herald.


Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 2.07.45 AM


And this half-page ad in the Boston Globe.


Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 2.00.13 AM



So who, exactly, is Nick Varano? Plug him into the Googletron and you get this.

Okay then.

UPDATE: Actually, no tribute ads in today’s locals. Check again tomorrow, yeah?

2 Responses to Who Is Nick Varano?

  1. […] the hardreading staff predicted the other day, the passing of Tom Menino has triggered a tornado of tribute ads honoring Mistah […]

  2. […] ads for the Tom Menino keep rolling into the local dailies. And today the Boston Herald gets back in the pool with a pair of full-page […]

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