Actually, Someone WILL Partner with Boston Herald

Yesterday the hardreading staff noted the failure of the Boston Herald to cover – or even acknowledge – the (Not So) Great Boston 2024 Debate sponsored by FOX 25 and the Boston Globe.

Coincidentally, we had also received this note from a splendid reader:

Just a thought: Fox25 used to partner often for debates with the Herald. Not last night. The Herald used to partner with Suffolk to run [David] Paleologos polling. That’s gone.

Why won’t anyone partner with the Herald anymore? Afraid of catching something?


Well, another splendid reader subsequently sent this:

I’d just like to offer a tiny factual correction to your “splendid reader’s” premise that no one partners with the scrappy tabloid anymore for fear of [Herald] cooties. Or maybe Andy Card is a thrill seeker who likes to stare the danger of catching acute Heraldylococcus in the face:


Not to get technical about it, eh?

On a sad side note, this went out on the Twitters yesterday afternoon.


Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 2.03.33 PM


No reporters affected, but bad news regardless.

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