Boston Globe Has New Ideas About ‘Ideas’ Section

Tomorrow’s Boston Globe rolls out the first half of it Ideas redesign, described this way to the hardreading staff by someone who knows:

We’re going back to the name “Ideas” for the entire 8-page section, which will include both op-eds, staff columns, traditional Ideas stories and an editorial [to create] an integrated and seamless product across the single section.


Here’s what’s up on the web so far.



Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 1.00.50 PM


And here’s the editor’s note that will run tomorrow:

“Over the next several weeks, you’ll notice some design updates to our Sunday pages, including a return to the Ideas name. Our weekly Readers’ Forum, curated by letters editor Matthew Bernstein, will move to Saturdays. Expect the same cogent analysis, storytelling, and opinion each week, in a more seamless print package and more robust presence online at”



The fresh Ideas comes on the heels of‘s most recent trip to the powder room, launched Thursday night during the Pats game.

And that’s as the Globe turns right now.

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