Boston Globe’s ‘Anything Can Happen (Satur)Day’

From our As the Globe Turns desk

When Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory recently trumpeted the coming reinvention of the local broadsheet (Hey! We can use John Henry’s garage!), the hardreading staff never imagined it would involve flip-flopping between formats for the paper’s Saturday edition.

A little over a year ago, the Globe introduced a new look on Saturdays, which we immediately labeled WSJr.

The Boston Globe unveiled a new look this morning, one that appears very much like a knockoff of the Weekend Wall Street Journal. (Sorry, no WSJ e-paper, so you’ll have to spring for one yourself, or – god forbid – take our word for it.) [Update: The Journal actually does have an e-paper now, praise God.]

Brave New Globe, Page One:




And we noted this editor’s note from McGrory.




So Metro, Nation, World, Business, and Opinion were all smushed together in the A section, while the new Good Life section was pure Wall Street Journalism.

But . . .

Yesterday, for reasons that went unexplained, the Globe reverted to its former format, with this Page One.




And say hello to the old stand-alone Metro section.




So, to recap:

The Boston Globe has a (relatively) new Saturday format.

Except when it doesn’t.

Okay then.

3 Responses to Boston Globe’s ‘Anything Can Happen (Satur)Day’

  1. Mumbles says:

    Unrelated to this post – the paper has an article today about a woman who filed a complaint with the US Attorney claiming that the Park School in Brookline discriminated against her daughter. It seemed like an odd use of the paper’s resources to discuss what seems to be a private dispute (admittedly made public by filing a complaint with the government) so I did a little digging.

    It appears that the mother filing the complaint and Mrs. John Henry are in the same social circle, attend the same parties etc. (Google their names and it should come up as a top result.)

    Is this a good use of the Globe’s resources, grinding axes for the missus’s friend?

  2. Mumbles says:

    The mother is named Dawn Oates. You can see her in a photo standing right above the Globe’s owner on this page. She also left a comment on the page talking about how fun the event was.

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