Big Brewhaha Over Boston Herald’s Howie Carr

Back when I was maybe 11 years old, my old man had left his job with American Airlines, ushering in the Bologna Years while he started his own business. I remember riding in the car one day when he asked the kids what he should call the new company, which was going to sell retread airplane tires.

How about Honest John’s, I piped up. Remarkably, he ignored my fine suggestion and went with Adroit Industries.

I was reminded of that episode when I saw this quarter-page ad in today’s Boston Herald.



At the website, what could not possibly be New England’s Favorite Coffee is described thusly:

Howie Carr spent eighteen months tasting hundreds of blends of coffee. Now he’s pleased to offer the best-tasting coffee in the land. It’s strong, bold, and satisfying — just like the Howie Carr Show [stopped reading here . . . ]


And the cost for this Signature Blend? A knee-buckling $10.99.

Then again, gotta pay those fees at Mar-a-Lago, right?

Or maybe Howie Carr(toon) is just preparing for the One-Daily Town era to arrive.

6 Responses to Big Brewhaha Over Boston Herald’s Howie Carr

  1. Paula Z. Tusler says:

    I think of Mr. Carr every time I wear my Menetomy Moonbats t-shirt. After all he’s the person that proclaimed that all residents iof Arlington, Mass. (aka Menotomy) as Moonbats.

  2. Samantha says:

    The design has Soviet realist poster vibe, something to inspire us to work towards the glorious future as we assemble box-shaped cars and sputniks, or thresh wheat. And I first read the website as “Hones Thowie.”

  3. […] the hardbeaning staff noted the other day, Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr has introduced a line of coffee that he claims is New […]

  4. Tony Grima says:

    The second worst thing about this is that “Honest Howie” is only visual alliteration. It’s doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as it looks like it will.

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