Boston Globe Print Circulation Sinks 11% to 68,806

From our Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts desk

For the past few years, the hardreading staff has unhappily tracked the knee-buckling declines in the Boston Globe’s daily print circulation, while the Boston Business Journal’s redoubtable Don Seiffert has chronicled the Globe’s halting digital subscriptions.

But we were totally unprepared for William Turvill’s piece the other day in the UK’s Press Gazette.

Top 25 US newspaper circulations: Print sales fall another 12% in 2022

Our top 25 ranking, based on figures shared by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), shows that The Wall Street Journal and New York Times retain the largest daily print circulations in the US.

Gannett’s USA Today keeps third place, but is close to seeing its print circulation fall below Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post.

Here’s the top part of AAM’s newspaper circulation chart.

Boston Globeniks: We’re Number 14! We’re Number 14!

Everyone else: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

All due respect.

4 Responses to Boston Globe Print Circulation Sinks 11% to 68,806

  1. Mark says:

    I don’t see the Herald anywhere on this list. This won’t help: their single copy price apparently went up to $4.50 this week. Seriously?

  2. […] – in response to our recent post about the Boston Globe’s knee-buckling decline in its daily circulation to 68,806  – […]

  3. Warren says:

    The newspaper business model was broken by Craigslist and the internet. I remember in the early 90s when I last purchased the Globe on a regular basis tue Sunday paper weighed about five pounds. The Sunday circulation was over 500,000; classifieds were made up of several sections, each one larger than the whole of the current Sunday paper.
    The Daily Globe was the family that owned it along with tje Worcester Telegram, for about a billion dollars in the 90s, it’s probably not worth 5% of that anymore

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