Boston Globe Slashes Staff Edition

Tough sledding at the Boston Globe.

No snow.

(Tip o’ the pixel: Marvelous Marvin Sutton.)

From crosstown rival Boston Herald:

Globe slashing up to 53 jobs with layoffs, buyout offers

The Boston Globe has offered buyouts to 20 newsroom staffers and 23 advertising employees, at the same time it laid off 10 people from across the publication, according to the paper’s publisher.

The cutbacks come amid plummeting circulation at the beleaguered broadsheet and renewed speculation that the New York Times Co. is looking to sell the Globe and its sister paper, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

The Herald piece proceeds to chronicle other Globe woes (“The latest audit in May saw the Globe’s daily print circulation fall below the 200,000 mark for the first time in its history” and “The Herald also reported in May that the Globe was shuttering its suburban bureaus to avoid taking on any more leases”) that may or may not be true.

Meanwhile, over at the Globe, “several” is apparently a double-digit number:

Boston Globe offers buyouts, lays off several

The Boston Globe on Monday offered buyouts to 43 editorial and advertising employees and laid off about 10 people.

The Globe notified 23 people in advertising and 20 in the newsroom they were eligible for a buyout. The packages are voluntary. Monday’s layoffs did not affect reporters or editors.

But the buyouts surely will.

The hardreading staff’s best suggestion: Monitor the Globe and the Herald, and split the difference.

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