DOMA v. Sex Offender Registry Edition

Different papers, different perspectives.

From Wednesday’s Boston Globe:

Coakley asks high court to sink DOMA

Attorney General Martha Coakley has asked the country’s highest court to uphold a landmark federal ruling in Boston that granted equal rights to same-sex married couples in Massachusetts, urging the high court to officially strike down a federal law that defines marriage solely as a union of a man and a woman.

In a 27-page petition Tuesday, Coakley asked the US Supreme Court to uphold a federal appeals court decision in June that the federal Defense of Marriage Act discriminates against same-sex couples who are legally married, in violation of equal protection laws. That ruling has been stayed until the top court decides whether it will hear the case.

No mention of that in the Boston Herald.

But . . .

From Wednesday’s Herald:


The state’s Level 2 sex offenders — from rapists to child porn purveyors — are not listed on any online registry, because some lawmakers are throwing up a roadblock in the name of protecting privacy rights of convicts, advocates charge.

The move is also costing Massachusetts hundreds of thousands in lost crime-fighting bucks and not even Gov. Deval Patrick has been able to convince the holdout legislators to act.

No mention of that in the Globe.

So the hardreading staff went for the tiebreaker.

Only the Inside Track had this:

Oh, baby! Gi’s sooooo pregnant

Well, well, well, wethinks we can take the Gisele Bundchen pregnancy out of the rumor category and file it under confirmed. Because here’s Mrs. Tom Brady[stats] on the beach in Costa Rica with 2-year-old Benjamin sporting an unmistakable baby bump!

The Brazilian supermodel, baby Benji, their dog Lua and other family members were snapped by the paps at as they frolicked on the shore near Gi’s vacation home. Brady was not part of the beach party, which is not surprising considering he is due to report for duty down in Foxboro today for the New England Patriots [team stats] 2012 training camp.

IGTLTDT scorecard: Herald 2, Globe 1.

3 Responses to DOMA v. Sex Offender Registry Edition

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    Could have sworn a picture was on earlier, though I didn’t see it just now when I checked. Of course, such concepts as “just now”, and “earlier” have little meaning in a universe where I am replying to a post that, according to the time stamp, will not have been written for over two hours. Or maybe is coming in from somewhere in Greenland.
    And yeah, I am up typing this at 3:40 AM. I can’t sleep when people are messing with the time-space continuum.

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