The Boston Globe’s Ryder Cup-Out

Here’s how Monday’s Boston Globe reported the throat-grabbing collapse of America’s Ryder Cup team on Sunday, after it had built a supposedly insurmountable 8 1/2 – 3 1/2 lead over the European squad.

Europe turns tables on US

It rallies, avenges galling 1999 loss

MEDINAH, Ill. — Move over, Brookline, and make room for Medinah. There’s a new location that forever will be locked in Ryder Cup lore.

Turning the tables on a day from 13 years ago that still stings, Europe staged the greatest comeback — or benefited from the biggest collapse, depending on your perspective — in Ryder Cup history, pulling off a victory just as improbable as the one grabbed by the United States at The Country Club in 1999.

Just as emotional, too, at least to the Europeans, who sang and danced and hugged and sprayed champagne over their fans from a bridge near the clubhouse when it was over. Keeping former Ryder Cup icon Seve Ballesteros close to their hearts all week — and wearing his image on their sleeves Sunday — the Euros would have made the late Spaniard proud, somehow finding a way to win when the situation 24 hours earlier seemed hopelessly lost.

The Globe even provides this helpful graphic:

But it was the Boston Herald that cut to the chase on its back page:



Yeah, that’s more like it.

Only one question left:

How’s that Monday morning hangover, Herald columnist Ron Borges? Borges wrote this in Sunday’s edition:

No shot, Europe

U.S. lead too daunting

MEDINAH, Ill. — For the European team to win the 39th Ryder Cup competition today it won’t take a comeback. It will take a resurrection.

The Euros find themselves buried in a deeper hole this morning than the Greek economy. They don’t need a bailout plan. They need a concession speech.

Actually, Ron, you need a concession speech.

Not to get technical about it.


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