The Boston Herald’s Debate and Twitch

Big relief: In the aftermath of last night’s debate (co-sponsored by the Boston Herald) between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, the feisty local tabloid didn’t run ten pages of coverage the way they did yesterday.

It ran THIRTEEN pages, which featured everything from a scorecard to a fashion critique to enough thumbsucking to fill a maternity ward. (Roll your own here.)

The Boston Globe, after ignoring the debate yesterday, actually covered it in today’s edition, which provided a news report, news analysis, and a thumbsucker trifecta. (Ditto here.)

You’ll find coverage by the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider here.

And let the wild rumpus recommence.


3 Responses to The Boston Herald’s Debate and Twitch

  1. […] More flood-the-zone coverage by the Boston Herald of the Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren debate it co-sponsored. Details at IGTLTDT. […]

  2. The front page of today’s Herald online looks like a Brown campaign website. Big smiling picture of him, leads/links to three pro-Brown articles and a Howie Carr piece slamming Warren and TWO leads/links to a “sports” article about Bob Cousy endorsing Brown.

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