The Globe’s Electoral College Mis-map

Today’s Boston Globe features this clip ‘n’ save piece for election-watchers keeping score at home.

Viewer’s guide to the election

What to watch for as results come

6 p.m.

IN*, KY** = part of state closes later

Mitt Romney’s margin of victory in Indiana, which Barack Obama won in 2008, could serve as a barometer for the rest of the election. A double-digit win will warm Republican hearts. Networks will be offering exit polls, but be wary. They have an uneven record in predicting winners of states. In 2004, early exit polls in Ohio showed John Kerry to be winning, but the state went to President Bush. Also, the time between the closing of polls and the declaration of a winner of that state can vary widely according to such factors as how many votes were cast early and the closeness of the race. Early votes are counted right after polls close . . .

And etc.

The piece also includes this helpful electoral map:

Only one problem, as sharp-eyed reader Michael Pahre writes:

Massive Globe fail:  the Globe today ran on page A7 the electoral map for the country
*from the last election* — with all the OLD electoral college numbers.

They show MA as having 12 electoral college votes, OH as 20, etc., no 11 and 18, etc.


(The hardworking staff doesn’t endorse the Har! There but for the grace of . . . )

Meanwhile, the current electoral map, via PolicyMic:

Luckily for local newspaper readers, the Boston Herald featured . . . no map at all.

Can’t go wrong that way.


UPDATE: Looks like they’ve got it straight now.

Let the wild rumpus recommence.



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