Herald Sees Red Over Brownout

There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth and bitter recriminations at the feisty local tabloid over Scott Brown’s loss to Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate bakeoff (Pow Wow Chow, anyone?).

And know whose fault it is?


This morning’s edition started out benignly enough with this front page:

But on the other side of that page was this dope slap of a column  from Howie Carr:

Bay State’s voters got faked out way too easily

Scott Brown never had a chance.

It’s amazing. This guy is probably the best retail politician in the state. He worked his way up the greasy pole, from assessor to selectman to state rep to state senator to U.S. senator.

“He’s for us,” his yard signs said. They might as well have said, “He’s one of us.”

But all of it counted for nothing. He couldn’t beat “the machine.”

“Anything is possible,” Brown was saying last night in his concession speech, “there are no obstacles you can’t overcome, and defeat is only temporary.”

Unless you’re a Republican in Massachusetts.

Bay State voters, Carr clucked, got suckered by a phony.

Holly Robichaud, on the other hand, was beside herself with anger (which is weird since she’s the Lone Republican, right?).

Voters disgraced themselves, state

It was a tragic night for the commonwealth, for taxpayers, for people who believe in the checks and balance of government, and for the GOP.

Voters sent a message that they like one-party rule and all the scandals that party brings to the table . . .

They want a U.S. senator who will vote 100 percent with the Democratic Party even when it kills the economy. They sent a loud and clear message that a Democrat can make any claim to further their career and there is no accountability. That’s right — do I as I say not as I do is the motto of our elected elite.

The defeat of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is a disgrace. Unfortunately, Massachusetts will once again be the butt of every joke. President Obama refused to nominate our newly elected fake Indian senator to head up her consumer agency because she could not get through the confirmation process. Yet, voters turned a blind eye to all her problems. Voters will come to regret this decision.

Yeah, especially if Holly keeps yelling at us like this.



2 Responses to Herald Sees Red Over Brownout

  1. I have a hope and an expectation about Warren –
    I hope that she places a high value on constituent service – this is something Kennedy was extremely good at, and Brown continued in that mold. Warren should find a way to maintain that.

    I expect that she will be an uncomfortable addition to the Democratic caucus, afflicting the cozy relationship many Democratic senators have with Wall Street interests.

    I don’t expect these things (or anything) to affect the Herald’s treatment of her, though.

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