Boston Herald: John Tierney’s Amazing Disgrace

Yesterday it was Herald columnist Holly Robichaud telling Bay State voters what a disgrace they were for dustbinning Scott Brown (R-Cuppa Coffee) and electing Elizabeth Warren to the U.S. Senate.

Today it’s the Herald editors yelling at Bay State voters for re-electing John Tierney (D-Jackpot) in the 6th Congressional district.

A disgrace to Dems

The re-election of Rep. John Tierney to his 6th District congressional seat is both bewildering and quite frankly shameful.

Sure, this newspaper endorsed Republicans for president and for the Senate, but like good Americans everywhere we know that at their core Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren are decent people, dedicated to their jobs, to their country and to their constituents. Their philosophy of governing may be very different from our own, but, hey, that’s what makes democracy great. People disagree, Democrats continue to dominate this state.

We get that.

But are Democrats really so fearful of losing one seat in the U.S. House, that they are willing to hold their noses and vote for the ethically challenged Mr. Tierney? Well, we got our answer to that late Tuesday night.

Yes we did. And the Boston Globe editors are downright cheerful about the results. From today’s edition:

John Tierney’s victory shows voters put a premium on concrete achievements

John Tierney, the eight-term congressman from the North Shore, survived his toughest challenge by far, beating a talented moderate Republican, Richard Tisei. After struggling to explain an offshore gambling scandal involving his wife and in-laws, Tierney clearly was vulnerable. His 1-point win can be ascribed to many factors — from the big Democratic turnout for President Obama to the presence of a third-party candidate who siphoned critical votes from Tisei. But also crucial were the accomplishments in Tierney’s record, including his work on important student-loan legislation and his significant contributions to the Affordable Care Act. If there’s a lesson in Tierney’s victory, it shouldn’t be that Democrats always win. It should be that Massachusetts voters will reward their representatives for concrete achievements. Tierney should take that lesson to heart as he seeks to put the scandal behind him.

So, to recap: In the Globe’s sunny-side-up opinion, there’s a lesson to be learned by all of us in Tierney’s close shave.

Except, of course, by the Herald.



2 Responses to Boston Herald: John Tierney’s Amazing Disgrace

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Yep. The lesson is: Let your wife to the bank the illegal money and then claim that you hadn’t a clue.

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