Safe-T First?

Saturday’s local dailies duly reported on Thursday’s MBTA trolley-car crash, the latest in a series of T-bonehead incidents over the past several years.

The Boston Herald, as usual, has the basics:

193715_T_11302012Driver in T trolley crash cited for speeding in 2009

The operator of a Green Line trolley that rear-ended another train parked at a downtown station Thursday had been cited by the MBTA for a speeding violation in 2009, according to the T.

The citation, for running a C branch trolley 13 mph over the speed limit along Beacon Street in Brookline, was the only prior issue concerning train operation in the man’s six-year career at the T, said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

“He has traveled through hundreds of speed checks since then, with no violations,” he said.

Pesaturo said the operator was disciplined and retrained after the citation.

The T hasn’t identified the 46-year-old operator, who was to receive a safety recognition pin yesterday for three years of accident-free driving but skipped the ceremony because he is on unpaid leave, MBTA acting General Manager Jonathan Davis said.


Crosstown rival Boston Globe added this ironic detail:

The accident occurred a day before that operator was scheduled to receive a “safety pin” along with other Green Line drivers, including the one whose trolley he hit, for three straight years of driving without an accident or moving violation. Instead, he remained on paid leave and did not collect his pin, officials said.


But, as the Globe noted elsewhere in Saturday’s edition, this operator did:

Picture 2


Safety First?

That’s just how the T rolls, yeah?


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