Jury’s Out on Carmen Ortiz

Not-quite-matching her & her columns in the local papers on the topic of U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz and her (over?)zealous prosecution of Aaron Swartz.

Start with Margery Eagan’s column in the Boston Herald:

IMG_6554.JPGOutrage over zealous feds

Statement too little, too late

Just days ago, speculation was rampant. Gov. Carmen Ortiz? U.S. Sen. Carmen Ortiz?

Well, that’s all over now.

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz is done. Finished. Forever linked to bringing the full and frightening weight of the federal government down upon a 26-year-old computer genius — and a suicide risk.


If that’s not tough enough for you, how about this, regarding the six month/guilty plea deal Swartz was offered :

“Oh, so you’re innocent. Do only six months in jail,” said a sarcastic Harvey Silverglate, Boston civil liberties 
attorney and author of “Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.” He accused Ortiz’s office of being “drunk with power” and said up to now the media had “protected” Ortiz 
because “she’s a Hispanic woman.”



Crosstown at the Boston Globe, the view was quite different in Joan Vennochi’s op-ed piece.

Swartz case is sad, but not an overreach

WHEN IT comes to the prosecution of Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old computer prodigy who killed himself, US Attorney Carmen Ortiz has explaining to do.

But there are also questions for Swartz’s lawyer, Elliot Peters.

Why reject the government’s offer of a four-to-six month prison sentence? That’s much less than the 35 years and $1 million fine allowed under the federal law that Swartz was charged with violating.

Peters told the Globe that Swartz didn’t believe he was a felon; he was acting on the principle that information on the Internet should be free when he downloaded academic journals from an MIT computer system. But defending principle was not his lawyer’s job. It was to provide Swartz with the best legal advice, given the charges and the government’s refusal to back down.


Vennochi says “the widespread revulsion directed at the US attorney’s office is overreach by cyber-bullies.”

So take your pick – did Oriz bully Swartz or are Internet thugs bullying her?

Or both?


8 Responses to Jury’s Out on Carmen Ortiz

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  2. Bob Gardner says:

    So the media protect hispanic women? Judge Maria Lopez might not agree with that.

  3. I know what world Carmen Ortiz lives in and its a very dirty little world that is pulling off the largest dishonest service fraud this nation has ever seen. 1 Court House Way is an ongoing crime scene and Ortiz chooses to not prosecute tax paid public servants who freely break criminal federal law and, also, allows them to flaunt their no need to fear consequence. The folly of our youth where no harm comes to any person is not a crime that deserves years in prison; the only threat this young man posed was his God given brilliant mind that could have altered, for the better, a corrupt government. However, the theft of life, liberty and property through malicious prosecutions and civil pretense litigation where the CLERKS and some of the judges in these courts collude with attorneys, including prosecutors, to deprive rights where the means to an end is racketeering to promote profit for the corrupt over truth and justice does warrant years in prison. The entire justice system has been delegitimized by these alleged criminals and the tax payer is forced to support these corrupt fools where they have turned the houses of justice into nothing more than their own private playground! Where are the mail fraud, wire fraud and violations of the U.S. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act charges against the tax paid public servants working in these federal courts where they habitually render fraudulent judgments and manipulate dockets with computers paid for by the tax payer to obstruct justice and then send their bogus documents across state lines via the US Mail? Where are the RICO charges? Not only does the US Attorney hold responsibility for Aaron’s death but you can bet she was pressured by the Administrative Offices of the US Courts to go after Aaron because he messed with their precious corrupt PACER System. Aaron was part of the movement that wanted access to court documents free to everyone; access to court documents means more than an opinion rendered by the court (sometimes rendered by the court). NOW THERE IS THE PROBLEM – how soon would the world be aware of the number of fraudulent documents routinely entered into PACER by corrupt court staff, and yes, corrupt judges with world-wide free access to ALL federal court documents? How soon would it be before the world became aware that the US Courts are not about truth and justice but simply a huge racketeering enterprise set up to pad the pockets of select “elite” attorneys? Publishing for view the corrupt decisions that come from these courts on justia.com without access to the documents filed by the parties is a huge scam promoted and protected by the US Courts. The fact that the tax payer has to support these alleged criminals while they pull off the largest dishonest service fraud scheme ever seen in the USA is more than clearly a good reason to torture this young man until he killed himself because they knew damn well no jury of his peers would ever convict him. All of you on 1 Court House Way and all of you working and providing dishonest service in the US Courts throughout this country are sick psychopaths; you all belong in prison! I say all because if not directly involved these tax paid public servants aid and abet; cover-up and protection of court staff who routinely obstruct justice and deprive rights to rob life, liberty and property is routine by court staff not directly participating, routine for the US Marshal and routine for the Clerks of the Courts. These corrupt tax paid scum are in fact domestic terrorist who have delegitimized an entire Branch of OUR Government!! We have to keep faith that our District and Circuit Judges are not complicit but it is not looking good. The FBI first harassed Aaron over his downloading of multiple court documents and “compromise” to the system. PACER gives free access to judicial opinions, and citizens don’t have to pay if they look at less than $10 worth of filings during the billing quarter; BIG FREAKING DEAL—THEY LET YOU READ FOR FREE THEIR CORRUPT DECISIONS!!!! So let’s RECAP on the corrupt and make public access to ALL COURT RECORDS fly full force. I find it interesting that when I first had access to file in the electronic filing system the very first page I accessed had a warning not to use the RECAP system.(the system initiated where court documents would be free to the public is called RECAP – PACER BACKWARDS) So in actuality Carmen Ortiz not only needs to be removed from office but she belongs in front of a Grand Jury along with the entire 1 Court House Way crowd.  

    http://www.aarongreenspan.com/writing/essay.html?id=83  http://www.scribd.com/tired_of_corruption

    IMO 1 Court House Way Boston, Massachusetts needs to be converted into a federal prison and no one—ABSOLUTELY NO ONE—who works there should be allowed to leave! Read the full court file of the government’s prosecution of open government hacktivist Aaron Swartz


  4. Michael Pahre says:

    So, was Carmen Ortiz seeking 35 years in prison for Swartz?

    Or was she seeking 4-6 months in prison for him?

    Inquiring minds want to know. What do you think?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      She says she never sought the max, Mike. But even 4-6 months in prison – does that punishment fit the crime?

      Quoting “It's Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town”

      • Michael Pahre says:

        OK, John. Then why would your buddy Dan Kennedy say so in the Huffington Post (and on his blog)?

        “…U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, who was seeking to put him in prison for 35 years on charges that he illegally downloaded millions of academic articles…”

        Smacks of Journalism 101: failure to describe a news subject’s position in a way that he or she would agree is an accurate and fair representation of their position. Shouldn’t journalism professors know better?

      • Campaign Outsider says:

        I said that’s what Ortiz contended, Mike. I don’t know what exactly transpired.

        On 1/18/13 7:37 AM, “It's Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town”

  5. I believe the ultimate goal was a felony record so they could keep tabs on him and bar him from being near a computer—-his life’s work!!! He was already dead!!!

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