‘Sno Letup at the Boston Herald

As with snowflakes, no two Boston Herald high dudgeons are alike.

Exhibit Umpteen: The feisty local tabloid’s snowstorm jihad this past week.

Start with Sunday’s relatively straightforward front page:



Then accelerate into Wednesday’s Page One:



DEFCON 4? Yesterday’s front page:

Picture 2


But wait! There’s more! Today!

From the Herald’s Javertesque Truth Squad:

Truth Squad logo 1colBill to shovel out pols $15G

Taxpayers will end up shoveling out at least $15,000 for an army of plows and trucks to remove snow from state lawmakers’ parking spaces and sidewalks on Beacon Hill while the rest of the city was still buried under last week’s historic blizzard, state officials said.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation, which paid for the private plowing effort, yesterday provided the Herald with details of the lightning-fast snow removal operation, which involved two dump trucks, a plow and two loaders to haul away the snow from around the State House last Sunday.

The estimated bill taxpayers will end up paying the private contractor, Valley Crest, is $15,450, according to DCR spokeswoman S.J. Port. The DCR, which maintains the State House, has a contract with Valley Crest to remove the snow within 12 hours after a storm.


That’s some snow job, eh?

3 Responses to ‘Sno Letup at the Boston Herald

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  2. Michael Pahre says:

    The company I work for — or the leasee — pays for snow removal in the employee parking lot so that we can park there and work a full day on the day after a snowstorm.

    Why wouldn’t the state government pay for snow removal of those employee parking spaces, so that they can get to work and work a full day on the day after a snowstorm? I would rather see that state employees have no excuse but to get back to work — rather than get another day off, like they did on 2/8.

    Some people are just plain outraged by everything the government does it, regardless of whether or not it makes sense. Such people ought to move to a cabin in northern Idaho to live among their compatriots.

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