That Dog Gone Tessa (Psychic Friend Edition)

When last the hardreading staff heard from estimable local author Dennis Lehane, he seemed to have come to his senses regarding the Lehane family’s Javertesque search for its lost dog, Tessa. Via the Boston Herald (the go-to site for Tessanalia) last month:

2b852b_lehaneLehane says he’ll take down missing dog fliers

Crime scribe Dennis Lehane says he’ll take down the fliers volunteers have posted around Brookline in the quest to find his missing dog after the town said they violated town bylaws.

“I can see the town of Brookline’s point. And there’s no reason we should expect preferential or selective treatment because of my last name,” Lehane said today in the statement.

The town yesterday told Lehane that the hundreds of fliers put up all over town had to be taken down by Monday.


Cut to the We Hear section of yesterday’ Inside Track:

Picture 1


The item:

Picture 4


Seriously? An elderly couple in Lynn?

Only in the Herald.

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