Boston Is a Burger Burg

Red meat lovers, rejoice. Both local dailies feature burgers samplers in today’s editions. Must be some alignment of the stars. Or napkins. Or something.

Regardless, here’s the front page of the Boston Globe’s G section:


Picture 1


And here’s the story, by Michael Andor Brodeur:

suarez_10burgers_G_009aBurger boom

Rating Boston’s newest burger joints

What Boston may lack in parking spots, it makes up for in burgers. They’re absolutely everywhere. They arrive on puffy kaisers at no-nonsense pubs, dabbed with truffle mayo at spiffy bars, or preciously presented in grass-fed wads at conscious counters. This must be a lousy place to live for someone who dislikes burgers. Suffice it to say, that person is not me . . .

Defining the best burger is bound to be a highly individualized pursuit, with lots of passion and little consensus. And with three promising new entries on the scene — the Danny-Meyer-helmed New York import Shake Shack at Chestnut Hill, the fast-spreading Washington, D.C.-based franchise Five Guys, and local burger-done-good (but never well done) Tasty Burger — the task only gets more diffcult.


Spoiler alert: Brodeur picks Tasty Burger as the tastiest. And here’s what Globe readers picked:


Picture 4


Crosstown at the Boston Herald, the Fork Lift lays out a burgerthon:


Picture 5


And here’s Kerry Byrne’s Top Ten on the Marathon route (click to enlarge):


Picture 7


Very convenient that both local dailies rated burgers on the same day, yeah?

Your Venn diagram goes here.

2 Responses to Boston Is a Burger Burg

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  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Stick a fork in this sort of stuff.

    The best burger is the next one I eat.

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