Editorial Page Smackdown: Herald Blowtorches Globe

Have some asbestos gloves handy if you’re reading the Boston Herald today. Here’s the lede of the lead editorial:

The whole narrative confirms that while the radical motivations of the Tsarnaev brothers — and perhaps, it remains to be seen, some of their training — came from international jihadist movements, the bombing was also the product of family dysfunction, youthful nihilism, and a pattern of low-level crimes escalating into a very major one.” —Boston Globe editorial May 3.

Dear Officer Krupke — of “West Side Story” fame — please call your office. Clearly these boys just have a social disease, so take ’em to a social worker.

It takes a lot for our competitors on Morrissey Boulevard to really get under our skin, but this one just sent us over the edge.


What gets the feisty local tabloid is “the [Globe’s] skepticism about whether the Brothers Tsarnaev were trained by international jihadists” coupled with “[the Globe’s] utter certainty that these two were the product of a dysfunctional family and ‘youthful nihilism.'”

If youthful nihilism is “all it takes to place a backpack with a bomb at the feet of an 8-year-old child and calmly walk away,” the editorial says, “then this nation is in one heap of trouble.”

(Sidebar: The Herald is pursuing the international jihadist angle in its news pages as well, as this piece from today’s paper shows.)

As usual, the comments on the Herald website range from rabid to ribald, but this one is reprintable:


Picture 2


Probably be good for business. Theirs and ours.

2 Responses to Editorial Page Smackdown: Herald Blowtorches Globe

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  2. Where would the RWNJs be without their windmills?

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