Herald Still Ain’t Seguin What Tyler Tweeted

As the hardreading staff noted yesterday, the Boston Herald has been uncharacteristically shy about quoting former Boston Bruin Tyler Seguin’s latest homophobic Twitter puck-up.

Yesterday’s print edition of the feisty local tabloid didn’t even mention the incident, while this AP story on the Herald website remained entirely vague:

Stars’ Seguin: Twitter slur came from ‘hackers’

DALLAS — Recently acquired Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin says an anti-gay comment that showed up on his Twitter account came from “hackers.”

The Stars said in a statement Sunday that they had “addressed the issue directly” with Seguin. The tweet showed up on his account Saturday and was quickly removed.


From the AP story as well.

Today’s Herald piece is only slightly more forthcoming:

29SEGUINTyler Seguin’s Twitter mess not a ringing endorsement

Ex-Bruin Tyler Seguin’s controversial homophobic tweet could cost him lucrative endorsement deals as he struggles to establish himself in a new market, and is just the latest example of the perils of social media for athletes, social media and sports marketing experts said.

Seguin’s tweet, referencing a profanity-laced “Full Metal Jacket” quote about Texas, drew immediate backlash despite the fact it was deleted almost instantly, but screenshots and retweets remain all over the Internet. The reaction prompted the new Dallas Star to delete his Twitter account, blaming “hackers.”


Hey, Heraldniks: Why so dainty all of a sudden?

Just for the record, here’s what Seguin actually said (via yesterday’s Boston Globe):

For a player who never liked to take a lot of hits on the ice, Seguin is sure absorbing them off it. The latest one came Saturday night when a tweet from his Twitter account said, “Only steers and queers in Texas, and I’m not a cow.”


This guy really needs to grow up.

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