Local Dailies Go for Hot-Button Hat Tricks

The Boston papers play Page One Derby today, with both trumpeting a trio of crime stories.

Boston Globe, front page above the fold:


Picture 1


Boston Herald Page One:


Picture 2


The WhiteyWorld nod goes to the Globe for its bleep you play-by-play. The Herald has a slight edge in the other two headline treatments, although neither is  the feisty local tabloid’s best work.

But while the two dailies load up Page One with all things criminal, Herald graybeard Joe Fitzgerald issues a word of caution:

Boston Marathion ExplosionsHorrific cases threaten to desensitize us

Move over, Whitey and Aaron, and make room for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old kid accused, with his late brother Tamerlan, of the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath that wantonly killed four and wounded 260.

Have we ever witnessed such a time when three barbaric cases, totally independent of one another, concurrently competed for our rapt attention?


But, Joe Fitz adds, “[r]evulsion gives way to obsession, and infamy grabs our attention as if it possessed a star power of its own.” He points to the Hernandez and Tsarnaev groupies on social media, along with Bulger’s longtime image as the Robbin’ Hood of South Boston.

Don’t expect The Big Rumpus to quiet down anytime soon. Page One Derby doesn’t allow for it.


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