Boston Herald Subscription: Biggest. Waste. Ever.

From our Or You Could Just Set Your Money on Fire desk

The hardreading staff had a neighbor some years ago who objected to our Boston Herald home subscription on the grounds that a Herald on our front porch “reduced property values.”


But now we’re wondering about the value of the Herald itself.

Page One of Sunday’s home-delivered feisty local tabloid:




Sports section Page One:




(Photos courtesy of the Missus)

Sure, later editions (and the electronic edition) of the Herald sported this front page:


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.26.46 AM


But that didn’t do the hardreading staff any good.

The thing is, as home subscribers we’re the guaranteed money for the fusty local tabloid. And all 17 of us are getting lousy value for the dollar.

The hardreading staff, for one, is not happy.

2 Responses to Boston Herald Subscription: Biggest. Waste. Ever.

  1. Jan Dumas says:

    Don’t grumble at least your getting a copy of the Boston Herald on your front porch every day. Mom has been a loyal subscriber for years, and has to play find the news paper every morning. Some times it’s in the yard, some times it’s in the road. If the weathers bad it’s in a puddle. That is when the paper shows up at all, she has to call the distribution office a couple of times a month.

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