Boston Herald Gets Scroogled on Estately Search Map

From our Late to the Search Party desk

The hardlyreading staff finally got to yesterday’s Boston Herald we didn’t get, and here’s what we found on page 17:


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 4.41.59 PM



Except – according to Ezra Klein groupie Ezra Klein’s new Vox popup site – it’s nonsense.

This viral map of American Google searches is hilarious — and totally misleading

We at love our maps. But sometimes, pretty maps turn out too be good to be true. That’s the case with this seemingly awesome map of “what each state googles more than any other.” Who knew that everyone in Texas was wondering whether they had herpes? Aside from the 78,000 people who shared this map, of course.




But that map is full of lies. You can’t, as the original post containing the map promises, “learn a lot about America” from it. Here’s why.


See for yourself. The Herald certainly didn’t bother to.


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