Hark! The Herald! (Radio Daze Edition)

The flighty local tabloid is once again rearranging the deck chairs on Boston Herald Radio, an exercise it devotes all of page 4 to trumpeting today.

Herald flips the radio dial

Morning ‘Drive’ time talk will never be the same again


At 7 a.m. tomorrow, “Boston Herald Drive” hits the air on WMEX 1510 AM, bringing local morning news and talk to radio for the first time in years.

Hosts Adriana Cohen and Tom Shattuck, backed up by the Herald newsroom, will cover all the breaking news of the day ­— and provide instant analysis and interviews.


Good for you guys. But here’s the part where the Herald drives off the rhetorical cliff:

“We’ve always been straight with our audience,” said Shattuck, executive producer of Boston Herald Radio. “This is the city of Jerry Williams, Gene Burns and David Brudnoy. We are lucky enough now to have an opportunity to be custodians of those same airwaves and we will do it humbly, tirelessly and with the utmost respect for the listener.”


C’mon, Heraldniks. Williams, Burns and Brudnoy? Seriously? They were real forces in the life of the city, the politics of the city, the image of the city. Boston Herald Radio is like someone’s hobby. Get a grip.

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