The Two Faces of Deval

The Boston Sunday Globe featured Michael Levenson’s swan song for two-term Gov. Deval Patrick.

The Patrick legacy: history and headwinds

Governor made good on much he’d promised, but fractious ties with legislators, and economy’s plunge, held him back

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Deval Patrick looked out on Boston Common, presiding not only as the incoming governor but as the leader of a movement that had upended politics. Thousands from across the state cheered and held up cellphone cameras — people of every kind and color, young and old, jubilant multitudes never before seen at the State House.

At his first inauguration under uncommonly fair skies in January 2007, the man who a year earlier had been dismissed as a hopeless romantic with no chance of victory carried with him limitless hope for the future — for better schools, fairer housing, racial healing.


And etc.

Nice sendoff, except . . .


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.21.26 AM


Exhibit Umpteen, from Saturday’s Boston Herald report about Patrick “denying [chairwoman of the Sex Offender Registry Board Saundra Edwards’] claims he had a personal ax to grind in firing her after he said she ‘inappropriately’ tried pressuring an official to classify the governor’s brother-in-law as a sex offender.”

“Your paper has done a whole lot to make a mess of his life,” he said, turning to a Herald reporter yesterday. “That’s certainly been on my mind. I didn’t want to stir all that up again. But we cannot have officials inappropriately interfering with the independence of hearing officers.”


But he doesn’t want to stir all that up again.

Ave atque vale, Deval.

Ye harldy knew us.

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