Ad-vantage Herald: Remembering Lynde McCormick

It’s a rare day when the Boston Herald features a non-retail ad that does not simultaneously run in the Boston Globe.

But yesterday was just such a day.

From page 13 of Friday’s feisty local tabloid:


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.36.28 AM


Why the Boston Herald placement? Possible hints (via

McCormick’s illustrious career included 25 years of business journalism, in all forms of media (print, TV & radio) in Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong followed by 17 entrepreneurial years, owning and operating three businesses in New York City. He met his wife and future business partner Andrea Jenks in college. They were married for forty-one years.

In the 1970’s, he wrote for The Christian Science Monitor in Boston and Los Angeles. He covered special assignments Lynde-Climbingthat involved parachuting, riding in special aircraft through hurricanes, and interviewing celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve. He took leave from The Monitor in 1980 to work as a business reporter for the Rocky Mountain News. Offering a singular flair in his skill of writing for the popular weekly supplement: Business Tuesday, he subsequently achieved the position of business editor for the paper. After nine years in Denver, he was asked to be an on-air reporter for Monitor TV in Boston and was given his own show, Business by Lynde. He also worked for Monitor Radio while in Boston.


But why not a Boston Globe placement as well?

We’ve respectfully sent that question to the McCormick family. And we’ll keep you posted.

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