Marty Walsh Tears the Sheets with Boston Herald

As the hardreading staff has previously noted, the Boston Herald has been the house organ for City Hall in all things Olympic while the Boston Globe has been the preferred venue for the store 2024 set.

For instance, today’s stately local broadsheet includes only this from Walsh in Mark Arsenault’s piece about the come-to-Jesus atmosphere at Boston 2024.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh, in a statement from his office, said he had been discussing in recent weeks a plan to establish “an office of Olympic accountability at City Hall,” and “is pleased that [Boston 2024 chairman] John Fish is on board.”


But the Marty Walsh Gazette trumpets a very different story.

Walsh: Role change could save Hub bid


Mayor Martin J. Walsh strongly suggested yesterday Boston 2024 chairman John Fish should accept a diminished role with the Olympic group and instead be an “ambassador” to help keep alive the bid to bring the Summer Games to the city.

“It’s an opportunity now — I wouldn’t say necessarily push him aside — but I think it’s time now to grow as a unit with 2024 and the USOC,” Walsh said. “I think he should be an ambassador and be involved with this.”


Except . . .



BOSTON – Thursday, April 2, 2015 – Mayor Martin J. Walsh today issued the following statement:

“I said on Wednesday that John Fish should be an ambassador for Boston 2024, which is a position he holds now as Chairman. I want to be very clear, I did not call for John to step down from his role. John was one of the first people to carry a vision for the Olympic bid in Boston and I strongly believe that he should continue to be involved as we move forward.”




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  1. […] the marty local tabloid – which had been a sort of house organ for City Hall until being thrown under the buss on Thursday – was silent yesterday on all matters […]

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