NYT Stiffs Boston Globe on Dershowitz Sextlement

As the hardreading staff noted several days ago, the Boston Globe broke the story of Alan (Claus von Bugle) Dershowitz’s settlement of allegations that he had sex with a minor.

Sex allegations against Dershowitz called mistake


Two plaintiffs’ lawyers admitted Friday that they made “a mistake” when they accused famed attorney Alan Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 12.07.50 PMDershowitz of having sex with their client when she was a minor.

The admission came in a joint statement released by the lawyers, Paul G. Cassell and Bradley J. Edwards, and Dershowitz to settle defamation suits the two sides filed against one another in state court in Florida.

“Edwards and Cassell acknowledge that it was a mistake to have filed sexual misconduct accusations against Dershowitz,” the statement said. “[A]nd the sexual misconduct accusations made in all public filings … are hereby withdrawn. Dershowitz also withdraws his accusations that Edwards and Cassell acted unethically.”


Now comes yesterday’s New York Times piece about the same.

Dershowitz and Two Other Lawyers Settle Legal Fight

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.52.46 AM

The noted defense lawyer Alan M. Dershowitz and two lawyers who had sued him claiming defamation have dropped court actions against each side, ending a prominent dispute that included accusations of sexual misconduct against Mr. Dershowitz.

The settlement, announced on Friday, included a financial arrangement. But a lawyer involved in the case would not say who had paid.


And the Times piece would not say who had the story first.

Hey, Timesniks: We know you got shortchanged when you sold the Globe. But bad form to short them back.

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