Herald’s Boston/LA Byline Bakeoff a Big Baseball Bust

Taking a cue from the Boston Globe’s Home/Away feature that matches up Globe columnist Christopher Gasper with a columnist from the hometown paper of that week’s Patriots opponent, the Boston Herald ran this on page 2 of Tuesday’s edition.

Good idea, if derivative. Tuesday’s columns were a compare ‘n’ contrast of the respective ballyards of the World’s Serious rivals, with Fenway holding the obvious edge.

But then yesterday Alexander wrote about the Bruins-Kings NHL rivalry, and Pelletier nattered on about Bobby Orr vs. Wayne Gretzky, which seemed more than odd to the headscratching staff.

And today?




Seriously? That’s just idiotic.

Of course, the columnists can’t write about what they should be – namely, last night’s baseball game – because the flimsy local tabloid is printed in East Jesus, Rhode Island around dinnertime the night before.

We’ll say it again.

Boston Herald Subscription: Biggest. Waste.Ever.

3 Responses to Herald’s Boston/LA Byline Bakeoff a Big Baseball Bust

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  2. peeky10 says:

    I’m confused, so please, Mr. Ivory Tower urinating from a great height, help.

    You say a Herald subscription is a waste.

    But your *hugely successful* blog celebrates two dailies.

    Can’t have it both ways, sir.

    Also: Still a lot of people at the Herald trying to make the best of it, despite challenges. Do you think anyone is happy to see co-workers let go? (Hint: They’re not.)

    I’d tell you to suck on a lemon, but you seem plenty sour as is.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Given the tone and language in your comment, peeky, kind of feels like you’re the lemonface.

      Let me clamber down from my tower and try to ease your discomfort.

      1) I have supported the Herald – financially and otherwise – for my entire 44 years in Boston. I have also lamented many times the decline of what once was a lively and essential part of the local media landscape.

      2) That doesn’t mean the Herald is above criticism. A newspaper can be valuable and flawed at the same time. The totally-beside-the-point byline bake-off is a case in point.

      3) As I’ve detailed on numerous occasions, the business decisions the Herald has made have rendered the early edition for home delivery less worthwhile than it previously was. Regardless, I continue to pay for it because I believe we’re better off in Boston with two dailies than one, no matter how diminished one of them might be.

      4) My One-Daily Town blog (https://itssadtoliveinaonedailytown.com) couldn’t be more sympathetic to the beleaguered Herald staffers, both the departed and the remaining. It’s virtually the only outlet in town that chronicles Digital First Media’s abuse of those staffers on a regular basis.

      5) I never claimed my blog was hugely successful. But apparently it did succeed in twisting your knickers.

      6) Thanks for reading.

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