Boston Globe Finally Gets Zippy, Dumps Non Sequitur

As the hardreading staff has previously noted, the Boston Globe had no immediate reaction to last Sunday’s Non Sequitur comic, which contained what was widely described as a “profane and vulgar” message to Donald Trump inviting him to do something, well, anatomically impossible.


All week newspapers have been busy dropping the strip (The Daily Cartoonist stopped counting at 45), and today the Globe followed suit with this Page 2 editor’s note.



So, instead of this on today’s comics pages . . .



Globe readers got this.



If Non Sequitur had to go (which, in truth, it didn’t), Zippy the Pinhead is an excellent replacement.

(To be sure graf goes here)

To be sure, there were a couple of protests on Twitter.



But that’s pretty much all the blowback we saw.

According to the editor’s note, the Sunday Globe will continue to stiff Zippy, opting instead for Half Full, which is, to be fair, half funny.

Hey – six out of seven Zippys ain’t bad.

11 Responses to Boston Globe Finally Gets Zippy, Dumps Non Sequitur

  1. Peter Goodwin says:


    I entreat you to restore Wiley Miller’s strip ‘Non Sequitur” to the comics pages of the Boston Globe. I am a long-time subscriber to the print edition of the Globe. I look forward to seeing Non Sequitur on your comics pages.

    You’ve made some significant changes to your comics page, none particularly admirable. Wiley Miller has apologized for his stupid annotation. We’re taught that we need to forgive, and here’s a place where forgiveness is needed. Not by banning a wonderful, funny, creative comic strip (and substituting in its place another disaster such as “Half Full”), but by giving his work another chance.

    Please bring back “Non Sequitur.”

    Peter Goodwin

  2. Michele Petryk says:

    Very disappointed with the Boston Globe. Non Sequitur is brilliant. Creative, well drawn and intelligent. If your editors has done their job in maintaining your own profanity standards, canceling the strip for that day would have been justified. I for one was not offended. Please reward creative and political courage and reinstate it.

  3. si little says:

    zippy sucks and has for the many years i have seen it in the Globe. wiley and non sequitur were far more entertaining.and will continue to be. i will just have to find it elsewhere and stop buying the Globe, which is now a poor excuse for a daily.

  4. Gerry Mander says:

    Zippy is horrible. Author even had a sequence a few years ago that eluded to how gullible people were in thinking it was profound.
    Non Sequitur is funny. Even if I do no agree with the political points all of the other characters will be sorely missed. ( A shout out to bring back the strip “Monty”!)
    With the price of the Sunday Globe approaching what a weekly sub cost a few years ago. The reasons for keeping the sub. become fewer

  5. DrDblU says:

    Zippy is worthless. The only ones we’ve enjoyed are Doonesbury, Dilbert and Non Sequitur. Bring the latter back. The punishment has been sufficient

  6. Candice Hoover says:

    I was outraged to see the Globe drop “Non Sequitor” as, well. Why not something like “Arlo and Janis,” which I’ve never got even a chuckle out of. Talk about the “dumbing down of America!” Redeem yourself, Boston Globe, and reinstate Non Sequitor. Thanks you

  7. tetricus says:

    I agree that Zippy is a poor substitute for the on-going brilliance of Non Sequitor. Why are you punishing your readers for one off-color day of a comic strip that has been one of the best for a long time? Completely dropping a comic for one day of poor judgement seems a bit over the top.

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