Hark! The Herald! (Orbitz Forfeitz Edition)

December 29, 2013

From our Walt Whitman desk

Saturday’s Boston Herald featured yet another feisty local tabloid triumph.

Delta says it will honor man’s tix

Delta Airlines has reversed its decision — after repeated Herald inquiries — to deny a man planning a family vacation to Disneyland 12613deltamg001the rock-bottom fare he booked through Orbitz on Thursday due to a systemwide web glitch that also offered $68 Hub-to-Hawaii round-trip flights.

“I’m not so frustrated by losing the tickets, just more by the way they’re treating me,” said Abel Feldhamer of Long Island, N.Y., when he first contacted the Herald yesterday. “They’re getting good press proclaiming they’re honoring these fares when they’re slapping some people in the face.”


You can catch the particulars here. But know this:

An Orbitz spokesman did not return a call or email from the Herald yesterday.


Guilty as charged, yeah?