Globe Take on Parking Wars Is Spot-On

It’s not often that the Boston Globe out-tabloids the Boston Herald, but today’s one of those times thanks to this Page One story:


Picture 1


The, er, money quote:

[T]he winner, Lisa Blumenthal, who lives in a single-family home with three parking spots on Commonwealth Avenue valued at more than $5.8 million . . .  said the auction was a unique opportunity to get more parking places for guests and workers, although she admitted she didn’t expect the bidding to go so high.


Guests and workers? Seriously? That’s got Herald front page written all over it.

Except here’s what the musty local tabloid ran instead:


Picture 2


C’mon, Heraldniks – you can cuff Ed Markey around anytime. But how often do you get his ‘n’ her parking spaces . . . in the Back Bay . . . at $280,000 a pop . . . for guests and workers?

You’re losing your fastball, guys.

2 Responses to Globe Take on Parking Wars Is Spot-On

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