The Puck Stops at the Herald

After the hardreading staff watched last night’s fabulous triple-overtime Stanley Cup final between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins, we trundled off to bed confident that there would be excellent coverage in today’s local dailies.

But what did we find on our doorstep this morning masquerading as a daily newspaper?

The Boston Herald one-star edition.

Which featured this back page:




And this inside back page (photos courtesy of the Missus):




The heisty local tabloid’s coverage spanned an entire two periods, which turned out to be roughly 40% of the game.

Is that any way to treat the 17 home subscribers the Herald boasts? Sure, the three-star edition had this back page:


Picture 6



Meanwhile, the Boston Globe that plopped onto our front porch had a separate section with eight – count ’em, eight – pages of honest-to-God coverage.

Page One:


Picture 10


Page 8:


Picture 12


Yeah, we know – the Herald subcontracts the Globe’s printing presses so the stately local broadsheet has the advantage. But maybe the Heraldniks should put on some big-boy pants and find an arrangement that doesn’t force them to print a first edition at 11 pm the night before.

If not for their own sake then at least for the few, the proud, the 17.


2 Responses to The Puck Stops at the Herald

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