Hark! The Herald! (Lame Subscription Edition)

THE BOSTON HERALD WANTS YOU to swell the ranks of its current 17 home subscribers. So it ran this ad in today’s edition:


Picture 2


Always Relevant? Seriously?

Here’s Page One of the sports section Herald home subscribers received this morning.




Page 2 (photos courtesy of the Missus):




And that was the four-star edition.

Once again, crosstown rival Boston Globe delivered an eight-page Stanley Cup section.


Picture 3


Hey, Heraldniks: You haven’t just lost your fastball. This is like tee ball for the hardreading staff.


2 Responses to Hark! The Herald! (Lame Subscription Edition)

  1. […] Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town. […]

  2. The Herald is the Print Felger of hockey.

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