Boston Globe Herald Hostage (Fire Sale Edition)

Pop Quiz: How many kidney punches can you count in the lede of this Boston Herald story today?

1STU9781.JPGThe Boston Globe drags down Times

Falling revenue at the Boston Globe’s media group only heightens the urgency for The New York Times to finally unload the newspaper — even at a disappointingly low sales price — before it can drain any more of the company’s attention and resources, newspaper experts told the Herald.

“That paper’s still struggling,” said Ed Atorino, a media analyst for The Benchmark Co. “They can’t wait to get rid of it, so I see them giving it away to somebody. It’s been going downhill, taking up a lot of management time. It’s really been a disappointing asset. I think they wanted to sell it a long time ago and couldn’t.”


The piece says Globe revenues were down 7 percent last quarter: ad revenue fell 10 percent, circulation revenue 2 percent,  other revenues 14 percent. The Herald doesn’t mention  where it got those numbers, although it attributed them to “Times execs” in a previous piece.

The feisty local tabloid also doesn’t mention its own dismal numbers during the past year: a knee-buckling 11.6% decline in daily circulation and  a 10.8% dip on Sunday.

Then again, that would just be pulling its punches.

(Answer to our Pop Quiz: Twelve.)


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