Jacoby Ellsbury Hates the Herald

Three things we know for sure in this world:


• Jacoby Ellsbury has departed the Olde Towne Team

• Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy still has his hair

• The Boston Herald will always operate at a disadvantage


Exhibit Umpteen, from today’s Globe sports section:


Picture 4


The feisty local tabloid?


So the hardreading staff just tweeted this at the erstwhile Sox centerfielder:


Picture 6


We’ll keep you posted.

2 Responses to Jacoby Ellsbury Hates the Herald

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    I assume it’s because Ellsbury can read.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Maybe, Bob. Or maybe he’s just got serious moving expenses.

      On 12/13/13 5:19 PM, “It's Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town”

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