More Beer at Fenway Park! Less Disclosure at Boston Globe!

From our Boston Globe/John Henry Watch desk

Friday’s Boston Globe featured this piece on Metro Page One:

City OK’s Fenway beer sale changes

State must still sign off on plan

Fenway Park bills itself as a fan-friendly venue, and next season promises to be a little friendlier for customers who enjoy a beer or a little hard alcohol with their peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

The Boston Licensing Board on Thursday approved requests from the Red Sox to expand sales of liquor to three more stations 06222011_cd22recycle2-7966323inside the 101-year-old ballpark and to allow sales of all alcohol until the end of the seventh inning. Through last season, the cutoff had been 2½ hours from the first pitch or the end of the seventh inning, whichever came first.

With many games lasting more than three hours, a leisurely pace that suits the Red Sox more than most Major League teams, the elimination of a time limit could result in an increase in alcohol sales.


And an increase in beer bottles, in order to “curb the long lines that often form at concession stands, where each beer is poured into a cup.”

Next season, customers can opt for a bottle instead of a draft beer and walk away with an opened container.

Licensing Board chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer said the panel did not consider bottles to be a safety issue.

“With this particular ballpark and the fans that we’ve had, there’s no history of projectiles being used” outside long past, isolated incidents, Murati Ferrer said.


Right. Until the Beerded – sorry, Bearded – Ones start losing games.

But what’s really lost in this report is any disclosure that Fenway Park owner John Henry also owns the Boston Globe.

Memo to the stately local broadsheet: Good news is not no news.

P.S. It’s Cracker Jack, not “Cracker Jacks.”

One Response to More Beer at Fenway Park! Less Disclosure at Boston Globe!

  1. […] the hardreading staff has previously noted (here too), the Boston Globe has been pretty loosey-goosey in meeting its disclosure responsibilities […]

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