Ask John Henry: What’s Your Missus Doing for the Globe?

Both local dailies reported yesterday about Boston Red Sox/Boston Globe owner John Henry’s plans for his new newspaper acquisition, which he detailed at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Wednesday.

And both local dailies reported about Henry’s philanthropic plan to support local non-profits.

From the Herald:

[Henry] spoke vaguely about finding new ways to recruit sponsors and advertisers for Globe content, and unveiled a gift-voucher program for subscribers to support their favorite charity.


From the Globe:

Henry said the Globe will employ new approaches aimed at increasing advertising and will encourage companies and organizations to use ad pages in different ways. He also unveiled a program to give Globe subscribers vouchers they can direct to their favorite nonprofits. Those charities will be able to cash in the vouchers for advertising space with the Globe.


What the piece in the stately local broadsheet failed to mention was this:


Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 1.27.46 AM


That full-page Globe ad (page A12) signed by Mrs. John Henry says more about the Mister’s plans for the Globe than any news story.

Can Tonya Mezrich, Arts Editor be far behind?

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