Milan Lucic Slashes Boston Herald!

From our Local Dailies DisADvantage desk

Departing Boston Bruins bruiser Milan Lucic sent a farewell note to Hub hockey fans in today’s Boston Globe.


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.17.40 PM


The Bruins traded Lucic to the Los Angeles Kings last month for backup goaltender Martin Jones, defensive prospect Colin Miller, and the 13th pick in the 2015 draft. According to this piece by Sebastian Noren of Today’s Slapshot, the Kings have big plans for Lucic.

From all the talk that we’ve heard and read since the trade took place, Lucic will join Anze Kopitar and Marian Gaborik on the top line for the Kings. Having a wrecking ball like Lucic (that also has a knack for scoring goals) next to a playmaker of Kopitar’s caliber and a sniper like Gaborik could be a recipe for success.


In his Globe ad, Lucic thanked multiple people for his success here.


Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.17.17 PM


But apparently the people of Boston don’t include the Herald’s readers. No ad for the thirsty local tabloid. Again.

It’s tough playing the game shorthanded this much, yeah?

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