Our Dogged Local Tabloid

December 26, 2012

The Boston Herald, God love it, is always scrapping to retain its foothold in the local news media, which leads to enterprising front pages like Wednesday’s (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):



Part One of the series focuses on the K-9 Unit’s preparation for drug- and bomb-sniffing duty.

121212copdogmg001.JPGK-9 squad keeps Hub’s streets clean

Barking up the right tree

Before the giant LNG tankers are allowed into the city, Boston’s crack bomb-sniffing K-9 squad sweeps the gargantuan ships seven miles out at sea.

If a bullet, spent magazine or gun must be found, these crime biters are called.

The U.S. Postal Service, DEA, ATF and area schools all have Boston Police Special Operations K-9 Division on speed dial.

“It’s just amazing what these dogs can do,” said Sgt. Frank Flynn, commander of the K-9 unit. “They won’t quit until we tell them to stop.”


Just like the Herald, yeah?

As the feisty local tabloid is wont to do these days, it also features videos of the dog-training on its website.

Given all that, would it be unfair of the hardreading staff to point out that Part One of the series is all of 17 paragraphs long? That compared to, say, the Boston Globe’s 68 Blocks series, this is sort of Nerf journalism?

Yes, it would be unfair.

The Herald newsroom has fewer than a dozen general-assignment reporters, with stripped-down crews across the board. In some ways, it’s a miracle they get a paper out every day.

So, in the holiday spirit, let’s all appreciate the Herald for what it brings to the table every day, shall we?

Doggone it.