Globe Scoops Herald on Scumbag Steve

November 25, 2012

Saturday’s Boston Globe featured a Page One piece by Billy Baker that some would say shouldn’t have been Page One, and others would say shouldn’t have been a piece (except maybe in the Boston Herald).

Regardless . . .

Millis man savors his time as an Internet (punching) bag

Blake Boston takes a seat on a bench outside the Red Line station in Kendall Square, lights up a Newport, and it happens. Immediately. A young MIT student sees him, does a double take, and then approaches, cautiously.

“Are you . . . ” the student says, then pauses and takes a big swallow. He’s about to call a stranger a bad name.

“Are you, um, Scumbag Steve?”

“Yeah, man,” Boston says, then shakes the student’s hand and poses for a photo.

Blake Boston is the Internet’s favorite scumbag. He hasn’t always been thrilled with this honor. But after nearly two years as the butt of one of the most persistent jokes in the history of the Internet, the 22-year-old Millis resident has come to embrace being Scumbag Steve. And now he is trying to capitalize on it.

The same way the Globe is capitalizing on him.

Read the whole piece, because this is the way the (media) world works now:

Sweat the small stuff. Hope the big stuff sorts itself out.

UPDATE: As Universal Hub’s Adam Gaffin points out below, the Phoenix scooped them both.